Minutizer - paypal for time Published: June 1, 2016
remote (any city, any country, any working hours)
Job Type
mad skills, bots



creare de bots si scripturi web care sa faca actiuni automate in cateva comunitati in care suntem activi.

de asemenea, cautam developer cu experienta in creare de bots pentru diferite platforme IM precum: skype, Kik, Facebook messenger.


toate actiunile acestor bots sunt legale si conforme.


Who are we?
* a Romanian start- up
* team of special 5 people who reached already to 100,000 users* $M in transactions (Part of the team is in Iasi, Romania. Others are in Bucuresti. When not in Bucuresti, we stay for months in Helsinki, Berlin or Barcelona)
* an incubator for an international product, the only one focusing on creating a system for the entire world to use for charging for their time & knowledge.
* enthusiastic about crypto
* tons of events in cities like Barcelona, Berlin, LA, Las Vegas, Amsterdam, London, Prague, Helsinki

What we would like to share with you is:
* work remotely from anywhere on earth (or our offices in co-working places like TechHub)
* choose your own working hours and days, choose your own timezone
nice guys and girls in the team, part of a small but an enthusiastic team, with a lot of crazy ideas
* time for continuous learning, access to audible, paper books of your choice and * attend any conference (Yes, we strongly believe in your better professional self!)
* 0 ordinary days (when we go to the Amsterdam conferences, we take care of the... weed)
* a great context to grow and share ideas
* some money (some good ones!!)
* your work ownership.

Ok! So let’s start to know you:

Are you a person who feel very ok with its own way of being?
Are you nice & special?
Did you have tech expertise: senior front-end. senior back-end. (some keywords: php, .net, browser extensions, p2p, APIs, mobile, Mac, Windows, Lync)?
Did you have some business expertise: smart growth marketing, international/cultural business developer,?
Are you focused to deliver the product on time?
Do you ask for help?
Do you hate boring meetings, too?
Are you curious about knowing people and new things?

we request to share in your application:

Why? (It was the weed part that took your attention?!)
What important truth do very few people agree with you on?
What is the latest book/audiobook/course you ‘read’?
What is your life hack you are most proud of?

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